Who Are We?

Irene Daily, Director and Founder

Irene Daily founded Awesome Learning with Irene Daily in 2011 when her son Michael was trying to find something new and exciting for him to do. Michael found a passion for baking and when Irene saw how much joy baking brought into his life, she knew it was her passion to help other kids too!

Tyler Brodie, Educational Coordinator

Tyler joined Irene in 2012. Tyler’s passion to help kids was what made him the perfect person to fill the role. Tyler also teaches 2nd grade! Tyler himself has a few hobbies such as creative writing and reading!

Isabel Maloney, Junior Coordinator

Isabel is the newest addition to Awesome Learning with Irene Daily. Isabel is a recent college grad fulfilling her dream to work with kids. Isabel also helps run a youth group. Some of Isabel’s hobbies include singing, dancing and acting. She makes the occasional appearance in the local community theater too!