Our Current 2019 Members And Their Hobbies

Jessica Demarco- Jessica loves dance! Not only has Jessica been taking ballet classes after school, she has been teaching the rest of our group some of her favorite ballet positions. Jessica’s dream is to become a professional ballet dancer and to perform in the Nutcracker!

Timothy Ward- Timothy found a love for stamp collecting! His grandfather had a large stamp collection that he passed along to Timothy. Timothy continues to build on that collection. His favorite stamps are the ones from other countries!

Brian Stoddard- Brian is really interested in gaming! Video games and table top. If it’s a game Brian loves it! Right now he is really enjoying playing Fifa!

Brent Willard- Brent loves to read. His favorite genre is Sci-Fi and right now he is really enjoying reading the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Demi Corrigan- Demi loves to draw! She started to draw when she was in 2nd grade. Demi comes from a long line of talented artists and she is keeping the family talent alive! Demi really enjoys drawing portraits of her family and pets.

Lilian True- Lilian loves comic books! She is a big fan of The Archie Comics and was so excited that it was turned into a television series too!  Lilian has over 50 comic books!

Blake Simons- Blake loves model trains! Ever since he was a little boy he had a love for trains. Every birthday and Christmas a new train arrived for his collection! Now that he is older, Blake has started to build his own model trains!

Melanie Scott- Melanie is a Girl Scout which is where she learned how to Knit and Sew! She has a natural talent and is already knitting scarves and sewing pillows! One day she hopes to design a fashion line!

Liza Moore- Liza is one outdoorsy kid! She loves hiking. Every Saturday, Liza and her family tackle a new hiking trail in their local area. Her latest goal is to become a 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks!

Mitchell White- Mitchell’s father is a carpenter and had taught Mitchell how to build things with wood! So far Mitchell has built a birdhouse and is in the process of building a bench for his home!

Allison Smith- Allison loves cars! Her big brother Jason has always been interested in cars and he became a mechanic. He now spends his time teaching Allison about different cars and they are even working on a fixer upper at home!

Stella Long- Stella got a camera for her 9th birthday and she hasn’t stopped taking pictures since! After she gets the pictures developed she likes to make collages for her friends and family. One day Stella hopes to become a wedding photographer!