Here are our current resources on different hobbies and their benefits!

First Cry Parenting - This article not only explains the importance of hobbies for children but it also shares 40 different hobby ideas for kids! Some of the hobbies they mention are origami, tapestry and comic book art!

The Balance - This article shares some hobbies that are low cost or completely free! Some of the hobbies listed here are hiking, baking and reading! - This article breaks down some hobbies by category such as nature based hobbies or science related hobbies!

We Have Kids - This article discusses hobbies that help develop creativity! This could be photography or sculpting. Anything that gets the creativity flowing!

Families Magazine - This article shares how to help your child pick a hobby! It also dives into outdoor and indoor hobbies. So if your child is interesting in drone flying or scrapbooking, this article has it all!

Develop Good Habits - This article discusses all of the benefits of having a hobby! One of those benefits is encouraging you to take a break! Which is much needed after a long day of school/

Best Medicine - This article is all about how hobbies are good for your health such as balance and positive stress!

Safety Resources

We want to assure all parents and students that we are prepared for all types of emergencies! Here are some of our safety resources:

Sparky - Sparky is a fire safety site for kids! They have videos, games and fun activities for kids.

Active Shooter - With the way the world has been lately, we want to make sure we are prepared for any type of emergency such as an active shooter. This article outlines some safety tips and resources in order to be prepared.

CPR and First Aid - Safety Solved shares a list of PDF resources for CPR and first aid!

Disaster Preparedness - Here we have disaster preparedness and recovery resources. This is a guide for k-12 administrators.